An All-in-One Solution

Ed also wanted to create a peening tool which could be easy to use and convert into several different assemblies in order to best serve his customers' needs. Understanding that not all machines could be peened without taking the punch and die off, he also designed the Model 69 Universal Peening Tool to contain all the parts needed for bench work.  

Working with a local tool shop, Ed perfected his design and the Model 69 Universal Peening Tool was born. This tried and true product continues to be the best solution on the market! Our family provides our Father's invention to manufacturers and tool and die shops throught the U.S. and the world!

History of The Model 69 Universal Peening Tool

The Model 69 Universal Peening Tool was invented by Edward Russell. As a machine-design engineer, specializing in those that produced food and beverage packaging, Mr. Russell saw first-hand the time and money wasted by using conventional methods to re-condition punch and die assemblies.  As a rule it takes several hours to remove the tool from the press and even more time to put it back on, while the actual peening of the steel only takes a few minutes.  

Ed saw the need for a pneumatic peening tool that could reach the punch or die INSIDE the machine, thus eliminating most of the downtime associated with tool maintenance.