Model 69 Universal Peening Tool

-The peening tool can operate in inaccessible places, anywhere your clenched fist will reach, this tool will go.
-The peening tool has a unique tracer that follows the cutting edge of the punch or die with unerring accuracy, even around internal corner radii as small 1/2". This tracer also allows the operater to peen without being able to see the actual punch or die.
-The peening tool is shaped and dimensioned to deliver 6,000 blows per minute with the right force to cause the steel to yield and flow in the precise form and direction. 
-The peening tool is easy to use, with only a few minutes practice, anyone can perform a professional and quick peening job.
-The weight of the peening tool counter balances the mass inertia of the oscillating piston -resulting in a smooth cutting edge.
Recondition punch and dies right in
your press!

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The Model 69 Universal Peening Tool comes with the complete

assembly, all coversion parts, wrenches, and operating instructions

 Peening Tool Parts
  4101 Hardened Piston
  4102/4103 Nozzle/Bushing Assembly
  4104 Socket Head Cap Screw
  4105 Tracer
  4106 Cap Nut
  4107 Crank
  4108 Sleeve Valve
  4108 Handle
  4110 Adapter
  4111 Open End Wrench - 9/16th
  4111-11/16 Open End Wrench - 11/16
  4112 Allen Wrench
  4113 Tool Case